Photos: Moose-on-moose-statue sex pics draw hilarious Facebook responses

Like most TV news operations, 9News aspires to be a family-friendly operation from top to bottom.

So how did those who like the station's Facebook page react when its overseers shared a photo gallery depicting a moose attempting to have carnal relations with a moose statue in Grand Lake? Not with shock, but with one hilarious response after another -- an indication of changing standards that are perfectly fine by us. We've matched several of the photos with some of the funniest posts. Check them out below.

You find the love of your life and she's just not interested

What a smart moose! Standing on that statue to see over the fence! Wait, what?....oh.....nevermind.

Lookin for love in all the wrong places!!

Silence is not consent.....

Aww poor guy hopefully he figures it out and heads back into the woods to find him a real babe!

Continue to see more Facebook reactions to 9News' photos of moose-on-moose-statue action. What'a this world coming to. All this anonymoose sex and everything.

Poor thing. He's gonna be disappointed. ha

He's like why does she ignore me!! What's wrong with her!!

The statue is male as well

Doesnt matter had sex!

That statue is gonna need some therapy.

Survival of the fittest...obviously not this moose....or could it be the moose version of a blow up doll?

He looks a little....horny

ives new meaning to those song lyrics..."She's cold as ice......."

Best news story in a long time!!!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.