Photos: Movoto's ten best American cities for 2013 -- and where Denver lands

Our friends at Movoto have shared their list of the ten best American cities for 2013, and given that the site came up with the top thirty reasons for moving to Denver just a few months back, it's no surprise that the Mile High City made the cut.

But where did it land?

We've got all the answers, along with photos, graphics showing where each city placed in a slew of other lists from throughout the year, and Movoto-penned excerpts from each item. Check them out below.

Note: The data used to compile this list was derived from posts on the following topics: Worst Dressed Cities (using the "losers" from this ranking); Nerdiest Cities; Most Exciting Cities; Most Family Friendly Cities; Most Unhealthy Cities (using the "losers" again); Smartest Cities; Most Saintly Cities; Hardest Working Cities; Most Steampunk Cities (remember the "go awesome" part?); Funniest Cities; Worst Cities for Food Lovers (yep, the "losers" of this one, too); Preppiest Cities; Best Cities for Meat Lovers; Best Cities for Movie Lovers; Best Cities for Home Buyers

Number 10: Las Vegas, Nevada "We're not sure what's more surprising about Sin City -- that it wasn't the least saintly city in our top 50 (it was 44th) or what it was only the 30th Most Exciting (Oakland, CA, which didn't make out top 10, placed first for that)...." Number 9: Miami, Florida "It might not be very family friendly (45th) or saintly (46th), but boy if Miami doesn't look good. The Florida metro's highest rank was in Best Dressed, where it placed third overall, but it got high marks for Meat Lovers (fourth) and Smartest (fifth) too...." Continue to keep counting down Movoto's ten best American cities for 2013. Number 7 (tie): Denver, Colorado "Denver is the Mile High City, and in the case of our data, we're looking at a mile high stack of meat products. We apologize for the beefy, salty mental imagery, but we can't help the fact that Denver's highest-ranked category was Meat Lovers. Fortunately, it was served with a side of Funniest and Steampunk, where it placed sixth, and despite all the potentially artery-clogging food stuff, Denver managed a ninth place finish for Healthiest overall (and for Smartest, too)...." Number 7 (tie): San Diego, California "We caught some heat this year over the fact that San Diego didn't rank higher on our Nerdiest list-what with it being home to the world-renowned San Diego Comic-Con -- but we don't just hand out such accolades based on gut feelings; it's all about the data, and few things are nerdier than numbers. No, this sunny city by the sea came in 13th in that category, placing highest for Best Dressed and Healthiest, where it came in eighth...." Continue to keep counting down Movoto's ten best American cities for 2013. Number 6: Raleigh, North Carolina "Second only to San Francisco on our top 10 list in terms of preppiness, and Las Vegas as far as its appeal to home buyers goes, Raleigh didn't place first in any particular category. It is the Most Saintly city to appear in the top 10, however, at sixth overall, so that's definitely something to tell the congregation about." Number 5: Washington, D.C. "Despite what you'll hear from political commentators on both sides of the isle, Washington, DC is full of smart people. So smart, in fact, that among the 50 cities we looked at for this study, it placed first in the Smartest category. That was its only first-place finish, though; its next-highest accolades were in the Exciting and Best Dressed columns, where it came in fifth." Continue to keep counting down Movoto's ten best American cities for 2013. Number 4: San Francisco, California "San Francisco was our best dressed, tastiest, preppiest city of 2013, taking first in all three of those categories. In fact, the City by the Bay had more first-place finishes than any other metro in our top 10...." Number 3: Seattle, Washington "Our hardest working city in America put in a lot of effort to place this highly on our overall ranking. Still, in the battle of major Pacific Northwest metros, all the coffee beans in the world couldn't help it place first...." Continue to keep counting down Movoto's ten best American cities for 2013. Number 2: Atlanta, Georgia "As you can see, Atlanta performed extremely well, placing first in four categories, second in two, and third in another two. That means it placed in the top three for more than half of the available categories. It also placed first on our Top 10 Cities for Gamers ranking, but that wasn't included in this ranking due to the fact that it only covered 30 metros in total...." Number 1: Portland, Oregon "If you're a nerd or movie lover, you can't get much better than Portland, our best city in America. It's also the most hipster city in America, but that fact didn't have any sway over this ranking. The city naturally placed highly across a number of other categories as well, including Funniest, Food Lovers, Smartest, and Steampunk (or, in this case, Steamhipsters)...."

For more about Movoto's picks for 2013's ten best American cities, click here.

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