Photos: Naked DIA lady throughout history

Yesterday we offered the bare facts

on the woman taken to Denver Health after she stripped naked at Denver International Airport -- allegedly after she was told to extinguish the cigarette she'd lit up on the concourse.

People at DIA were shocked by the sight, but as these historical photos indicate, Naked DIA Lady has actually been around for some time.

10. Colorado Gold Rush Her choice in clothing never caught on with the fellow miners. 9. On the Runway Black bars are the new skinny jeans. Page down for the rest of our ten best Naked DIA Lady moments in time. 6. Where's WaldoNaked DIA Lady? Once you've found her, look for her clothes! 5. Taking part in high-level government discussions "Mr. President, the TSA has gotten out of hand..." 3. Causing the wreck of the Hindenburg Blimp. Oh, the humanity! 1. At the Last Supper That's Saint Naked DIA Lady to you!

All artwork by Jay Vollmar.

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