Photos: Platinum 84 Strip Club Early Morning Shooting Hurts Two, One Possibly Critical

Update: Early Thursday morning, Eray Wilson, a suspect in the Platinum 84 shooting, surrendered to Federal Heights authorities, who are also keeping their eye on two thus-far-unnamed individuals. Our original post follows.

A short time ago, in a post about a bicyclist hurt in a drive-by shooting near 31st and Stout, we noted that Denver has lately been stricken with regular incidents of late-night/early morning violence. Another example: gunplay outside Platinum 84, a Federal Heights strip club. Two people were injured, with one possibly in critical condition, toward the end of an evening touted on the venue's Facebook page with the photo on view here (see the full-sized NSFW version below) and the promise that the action would be "smoking hot."

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The club doesn't appear to be a magnet for an abnormal number of police calls. The two most prominent we stumbled upon include a December parking lot fight involving men interested in the same dancer and a March incident starring a woman who was bothering customers and refusing to leave until the manager gave her a job.

Had she been hired, she might have been given a chance to take part in activities such as oil wrestling and foxy boxing, both of which are featured in videos available on YouTube. But more standard gentlemen's club entertainment appears to have been on the agenda last night. A Facebook post shared early yesterday evening featured this photo....

...and the following text:
Sexy ladies and ice cold Coors light what else can you ask for?? Platinum 84 is smoking hot on this Tuesday Night!!! Do you want to get in free just show this post!!
It's not known how many people took advantage of this offer over the course of the evening, but by 1:45 a.m., according to 7News, only about ten customers remained.

And that's when all hell broke loose.

The station reports that law enforcers from several agencies, including the Thornton and Westminster police departments, responded to the scene. Investigators believe a number of customers (they weren't employees) got into an altercation that erupted into gunfire. Two men were hit by flying lead -- one in the hip, the other in the chest. The former is expected to survive, and it's hoped that the latter will as well, although he was possibly in critical condition at last word. Witnesses say three suspects sped away from the club after the shooting stopped. They're described as white males, with one wearing a black jersey, a second clad in a black shirt and the third in a white shirt. Their vehicle, meanwhile, is said to have been a newer model white or silver four-door sedan.

No arrests have been made at this writing.

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