Photos: Proof Denver and Colorado are happier, smarter and more drunk than the rest

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Colorado is a national leader in condom use
Colorado is...the State Least Likely to Get Knocked Up or Contract the Dreaded Clap©. That's according to research conducted by the apparently bored folks at ACNielsen and published in the current issue of Women's Health, which we read religiously, by the way, because nothing passes the time like the old "Is it a sex toy or a household object game?" (2009)
Denver is the drunkest city in America
...You know what goes great with business deals? Getting hammered. And since we're so business friendly, and we do so many business deals, that probably explains why we're the Drunkest City in America, at least according to Men's Health. It's probably true. I'm hammered right now. Aren't you? (2008)
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