Photos: R.I.P. Rachel Neiman, Student Who Died in Collision With Suspected Street Racer

Rachel Neiman, a Regis University student, took no part in a suspected street race that ended when another vehicle slammed into hers. She was an innocent victim, and in the wake of her death a week later, she's being remembered as a promising and adventurous young woman whose life was cruelly cut short. Details and additional photos below.

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On November 7, according to 9News, Neiman was one of four people in a Nissa Altima traveling on Federal Bouelvard near 55th Avenue when the vehicle was struck by a Volvo S40 believed to have been involved in a street race.

Fox31 suggests that the Volvo's competitor was likely a motorcycle. It fled after the crash, and while investigators with the Colorado State Patrol are confident they've found it, that's yet to be confirmed at this writing.

The driver of the Volvo is thought to have been David Felan, 28, although tests have not yet confirmed that he was behind the wheel at the time of the crash. (He was one of three people in the car.) Once they do, charges of vehicular homicide are anticipated.

Speeds of the racing vehicles are estimated in excess of 100 miles per hour.

Felan's Facebook page features multiple photos of restored cars of the sort that are frequently used in street races (although a Volvo is not pictured).

Neiman survived the original crash, 9News reports, but took a turn for the worse several days later. She died on Thursday, November 13.

The Facebook page for the Regis University School of Physical Therapy has posted assorted tributes to Neiman. One accompanying this photo....

...reads: "Rachel was an adventurer who approached life with a sense of excitement, challenge, and determination. Those traits are exemplified by this photo high above Machu Picchu in Peru."

A related pic.... described like so: "Rachel helped teach Peruvian physiotherapists advanced clinical skills while on a Regis PT global health immersion trip to Peru."

Another post features this photo....

...and the caption, "Rachel and her classmates went on many hiking adventures together in Colorado and beyond."

The main Regis statement: "Rachel was a wonderful classmate, excellent student, and a steadfast friend to so many. Our hearts go out to all those grieving for Rachel, including her family, friends, and especially to her classmates who are currently spread all across the country on their final clinical rotations."

We second those condolences: Our thoughts are with Neiman's friends, family and loved ones.

Here are more photos of Rachel Neiman shared by Regis.

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