Photos: See latest light-rail attack's three suspects, who stabbed rather than robbed

Just yesterday, we told you about an armed robbery at an Arapahoe County light-rail station -- and suggested that the five wanted suspects (to see their photos, click here) chose a stupid location for a crime, given all the cameras at such facilities. Now, however, we've learned about an attack at another light rail station. The suspects in that crime were caught on surveillance cams, too; see images below. But disturbingly, they seemed less interested in robbing the victimized couple than in hurting them. And they did.

Just before 2 a.m. on Monday, June 17, according to the Lakewood Police Department, officers were dispatched to the area of 13th Avenue and Lamar Street, summoned by a husband and wife who'd walked to a nearby West Metro Fire Station after being assaulted.

The man had been pepper sprayed. The woman had been stabbed from behind in the neck/shoulder area.

What happened? The pair are said to have been approached by three males who asked them for a cigarette. They reacted by trying to walk away, at which point the knife and the aerosol canister came out.

An LPD rep emphasizes that the men didn't demand any money or goodies. They just stabbed and sprayed -- and then split.

Police have released a series of images from the station showing the suspects. Here's the first....

...the second.... ...the third.... ...and the fourth: The suspects are described as Hispanic males in the seventeen-eighteen-year age range. Their heights and weights are estimated at five-six to five-eleven and 140-190 pounds, respectively. One suspect had dark hair and was wearing a long-sleeved red shirt, dark pants and light-colored shoes. Another sported a black shirt, a hoodie with short or rolled-up sleeves, tan pants and a backpack. The couple couldn't recall what the third person had been wearing.

If you recognize or have any information about this trio, you're encouraged to phone Detective Bryan Felk at 303-987-7536.

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