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Photos: Tebowing Endorsed by NFL, But Muslim Prayer Pose Draws Penalty

Hard to believe, but it was around this time just three years ago that Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's chosen way of celebrating a touchdown -- lowering himself to one knee in prayer -- became a national phenomenon dubbed Tebowing. Today, Tebow is long gone from Denver and on-the-field play (he's currently a commentator for ESPN's SEC network), but Tebowing is back, if only as a talking point after the Kansas City Chiefs' Husain Abdullah was penalized for celebrating a touchdown on Monday Night Football by going into a prayer pose associated with Muslims rather than Christians.

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In October 2011, we featured a number of pics from Tebowing.com, a website that sprang to life after Tebow's pose struck a national chord. Here are five examples:

By the way, Tebowing.com is still a going concern, with several new photos of regular folks striking the pose appearing within the past few weeks.

As the Tebowing trend took off, Tebow himself promoted it on his Twitter feed, via messages like this one....

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#Tebowing - to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different. Love it!
Thus far, Tebow's Twitter account has been quiet regarding Abdullah, who received a fifteen-yard penalty for his Muslim prayer pose after he returned an interception for a touchdown in KC's route of New England. But plenty of other people have made their feelings plain, including former Denver Nugget and current NBA commentator Jalen Rose. Here's his tweet:

Striking a similar tone was former NFL official turned Fox commentator Mike Pereira:

As noted by USA Today, Pereira has publicly pointed out that "going to one's knees to give praise" is exempt from the NFL's celebration rules -- policies referenced in Rose's #NoFunLeague hashtag.

Given the Ray Rice scandal and other ongoing controversies, we're guessing the NFL won't invite more enmity by fining Abdullah for his post-touchdown celebration -- and expect the celebration rules to be amended to allow the Muslim pose, as well. Think of it as an unexpected legacy of Tim Tebow's bizarre stint in Denver.

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