Photos: Ten Bizarre Denver Terms on Urban Dictionary

This past summer, we shared our picks for the most memorable definitions of "Denver" on Urban Dictionary. But there are plenty of other Denver-oriented terms that are even more bizarre. Some are so disgusting we would feel wrong subjecting you to them: Look up "Denver Mudslide" only if you enjoy grossing yourself out. But others skirt the line between strange and hilarious. See what we mean below.

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Number 10: Denver Omlette The act of placing your nutsac on the back tire of a bicycle, then having someone mount the bicycle, and begin to ride it, skipping and smacking your balls around.

"Dude, why are you limping?"

"I got soooo drunk and decided to make a Denver Omlette."

"Sounds good!"

"No dude... my testicles got smashed..."

Number 9: Denver Sandwich A Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb (preferred) and a Snickers bar. Generally munched after catching a major cannabis buzz.

"Man, that J hit the spot, now I'm jonesing for a Denver sandwich."

"Okay, I'll whip in to this 7-11 and you can score one."

Continue to keep counting down ten bizarre Denver terms on Urban Dictionary. Number 8: Denver Mustache This is the substance you see stuck to someone's upper lip and cheeks after they vomit hard. It is named as such due to its resemblance to a Denver omelette.

"Dude, did you see Sarah after she yakked?"

"I know, total Denver Mustache."

Number 7: Denver Jock Strap If one were to break into your car, then instead of an alarm, a metal claw grabs the person by the balls, and most likey hurts like shit; Don't fuck with the persons car if they say they have one.

"The man tried to steal my car, and my Denver Jock Strap ripped his nuts off."

Continue to keep counting down ten bizarre Denver terms on Urban Dictionary. Number 6: Denver Friends A large group (often a community) that become very close through sexual contact. Denver Friends often starts out as a group of swingers; as more participants join, the events become more wild and more exposed until the entire community becomes involved. Regular meetings are held often with different themes such as S&M and Pimps and Whores.

"Hey Hollie, rumor has it that you have inside information of a Denver Friends group."

Number 5: Denvered

To have something you love taken away, ruined, or otherwise changed since moving to Denver.

"Dude, I'm totally being Denvered out of In~n~Out."

"I miss saying hella. I was totally Denvered outta it."

Continue to keep counting down ten bizarre Denver terms on Urban Dictionary. Number 4: Denver Death Kiss The act of any sexual position performed in a grave yard/cemetery and being extremely turned on by it. Preferably while being giving the Rusty Trombone. And you must be wearing a Denver Bronco's clothing article.

Girlfriend randomly suggests having sexual intercourse in a graveyard and you coincidentally like the Denver Broncos and decide that it doesn't sound like too bad of an idea, so you can actually perform the Denver Death Kiss.

Number 3: Denver Chili Bowl An involuntary circumstance involving glorified Super Bowl hype and ingesting 3 times more chili than a family of 5.

This usually results in Monday morning office shit so stinky that your coworkers voluntarily move offices to get away from the bathroom 67 feet down the hall.

Also, may or may not involve John Elway and his huge collection of beaver pelts.

"In the name of J.C, Phil's, Denver Chili Bowl just creeped into the itchiest part of my brain."

Continue to keep counting down ten bizarre Denver terms on Urban Dictionary. Number 2: Denver Air When someone is acting strange, showing odd behavior,that is unlike themself. Caused from the effects high altitude found in such cities as Denver, Colorado.

Person One: "Did you see Alex run on and off at every stop while we were on the train?!"

Person Two: "YEAH! Haha It's gotta be Denver Air"

Number 1: Denver Patten See: Chuck Norris

1. Sexy 2. Gets all the ladies 3. Just cant be beat

"Omfg that dude is awesome."

"No he is a Denver Patten."

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