Photos: Ten Great Best of Denver Places to Get Your Workout On -- Inside and Out

Among the many great things about Colorado are the many recreational opportunities available both inside and outside. Our Best of Denver celebrates ten examples, with picks including traditional gyms, thoroughly nontraditional spots and even spots on the slopes in anticipation of the soon-to-arrive ski season. Check out the photo-illustrated results below, featuring original 2014 Best of Denver text.

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Best Place to Train Like Rocky -- 20th Street Gym Far from the corporate-chain experience, the 20th Street Gym is the workout facility of hard knocks. The city's oldest rec center, located in the heart of downtown, 20th Street is a no-frills training facility, complete with a fully stocked weight room, shiny cardio machines, an indoor pool and basketball court, and weekly yoga and spin classes. But the best workout in the city comes from the gym's boxing program, offering real in-the-ring training for kids and adults alike. The grownups' classes are a nonstop circuit involving a speed bag and heavy-bag hitting, jumping rope and one-on-one guidance from expert coaches -- something that no chain health club can match. Best Place to Dream About Calories While Burning Them -- 24 Hour Fitness Highlands Garden Like most locations in the national chain, 24 Hour Fitness in Highland is packed every day of the week with eager nine-to-fivers, gym rats and hardbodies elbowing for treadmills. What's unique to this spot is its penchant for combining cardio-machine workouts and foodie television. No matter the time of day, at least two of the many TVs entertaining fitness freaks are locked on the Food Network. Members at this gym are as intent on sweating it out as they are on watching Guy Fieri chowing on roadside barbecue or Giada whipping up homemade Italian specialties. They're adding calories just by watching, but at least they're working them off. Continue to see more great Best of Denver places to get your workout on -- inside and out. Best Gear on the Cheap -- Wilderness Exchange Unlimited Located across from Denver's flagship REI store, Wilderness Exchange Unlimited feels like a smaller version of its retail neighbor, a two-story temple to skis, backpacks, boots, climbing gear and everything else you need for playing in the mountains. But unlike REI, Wilderness Exchange specializes in sniffing out cheap deals on overstock, seconds and lightly used consignments and passing them on to customers, so you can get shred-ready without shredding your credit rating in the process. The shop's knowledgeable staff and generous demo program, which lets patrons test-drive six ski setups for $120, makes deciding where to sink your money a snap. Best Skate Park -- Arvada Skate Park Skaters, bikers, rollerbladers and even those confused kids riding scooters were given a wonderful gift when Arvada brought in Team Pain to build the Arvada Skate Park. The park, located in the northeast corner of Arvada's Memorial Park, comprises features for all skill levels, from first-time pushers to seasoned thrashers, and there's a street section with handrails, stair gaps, bank-to curbs, and original banked walls that fit perfectly in the landscape of the allotted area. The transition portion of the park, which includes a snake run meandering from one end to the other, offers deep vert-bowls separated by a spine, halfpipes ranging from three feet to ten feet, and enough flow to maintain a solid run throughout the entire course without pushing. Continue to see more great Best of Denver places to get your workout on -- inside and out. Best Terrain Park -- Breckenridge It's no accident that two of the five Olympic ski and snowboard qualifiers were held at Breckenridge in the lead-up to Sochi, or that many of the top competitors -- American and otherwise -- have made Breck their home mountain. And it's not just the pro courses and the experts-only Freeway park that pass muster: Breck's terrain-park system topped Freeskier magazine's Top 10 list for the third year in a row, with nods to beginner parks Bonanza and Trygve's and the "intermediate" Park Lane's features (including 20- to 45-foot gap jumps, ahem). Ready to really send it? Freeway is as good as it gets. Best Halfpipe -- Vail The sloppy, slushy ditch that helped dethrone Shaun White at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi had nearly all of the top competitors clamoring for better conditions, and the name that kept coming up was Snow Park Technologies. The Nevada-based company was responsible for the courses at the Dew Tour, X Games and Burton U.S. Open this year, with nary a complaint. Our honors go to Vail's Burton U.S. Open pipe on Golden Peak, however, for helping to send Colorado's own Taylor Gold to the top of the podium. The Steamboat Springs local missed the cut for the finals with a fourteenth-place finish in Sochi, but found redemption two weeks later in front of his friends and family back home in a perfect pipe under a clear blue sky. Is it time to finally bring the Winter Olympics to Colorado? Continue to see more great Best of Denver places to get your workout on -- inside and out. Best Place to Catch Air(bag) -- Progresh Ready to step up your big-air game but not to accept the looming consequences of landing on your head? Work on your aerial awareness (and your cojones) at Progresh before taking new tricks out into the real world. The indoor ski, snowboard, BMX and skateboarding facility opened in Thornton in 2013, offering a full schedule of classes, camps, private lessons and drop-in sessions, as well as field-trip-friendly group activities and corporate team-building sessions. But the facility's main attraction is an indoor airbag that was made specifically for action-sports training -- and soft landings. Progresh also features trampolines, skate ramps and a digital editing room for dialing in those mid-air selfies. Best New Boulder Gym for Everyone -- Anytime Fitness Every Monday, Greg Plavidal, owner of the Boulder Anytime Fitness franchise, runs a special session for a group of women between the ages of fifty and eighty who used to belong to a now-shuttered Curves. Some of these women were nervous about training at a regular gym, but Plavidal's sessions are gentle, organized and easily adjusted to a participant's fitness level. For those wanting to take their workouts to the max, there's also boot camp -- loud, hot, sweaty and unrelenting -- with ex-marine Korey Reyelts, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Boulder boasts many gyms, but Plavidal didn't see the kind of place he wanted there -- affordable, with a friendly, bright atmosphere that was neither a country club nor a grimy grunt-and-sweat shop -- so he created one that is accommodating to clients at every level, from college athletes to retirees. Continue to see more great Best of Denver places to get your workout on -- inside and out. Best Luxury Detox for Less -- Pura Vida's Sunday Afternoon Meltdown Pura Vida has long been a mecca for the exercise elite -- a members-only gym with state-of-the-art facilities and top-of-the-line workout programming. But earlier this year, the fitness fortress opened its doors to non-members with the introduction of the Sunday Afternoon Meltdown, a combination yoga and meditation class focused on detoxing and preparing for the week ahead. Thirty bucks gets you in on a one-hour heated yoga session followed by a half-hour guided meditation, capped off with a specialty herbal elixir to sip while you take advantage of the club's steam room and hot tub. Best Place to Add "Spoice" to Your Olympic Training Regimen -- Woodward at Copper Olympic gold-medalist Sage Kotsenburg set out to prove that it would take more than triple-cork spins to win big when snowboard slopestyle made its Olympic debut in Sochi, tossing unconventional layback slides and a 1620 spin with a Japan grab into the mix, just because. Kotsenburg called his secret sauce "spoice" in a now-notorious tweet and post-Olympic media blitz. Want to find your own spoice recipe? Start in the Barn at Woodward at Copper, an indoor training facility that was overhauled in 2013 and now features six different ramps launching into foam pits, the better to perfect your "Holy Crail" grab. The renovations also added a new street course and a wooden pump track to the existing trampolines, skate bowl and other features. The secret is out.

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