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Photos: Ten most memorable marijuana domains for sale on Denver Craigslist

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How to get rich quick from the marijuana boom without having anything to do with marijuana? Sell someone a pot-oriented domain name for big bucks! May sound like a long shot, but we found plenty of people on Denver Craigslist trying this tack, peddling sometimes clever/sometimes bizarre/sometimes stupid domain names for $100,000 or more -- although bidding at one focusing on hemp starts at just 99 cents and others are more reasonably priced. Check out our ten favorites below, complete with links to the items plus original text and (usually but not always) the art from the ads.

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Number 10

Jamaica And Caribbean Marijuana Domain Name Portfolio -- $2500000

Professor Henry Lowe launched Jamaica's first medical ganja company, MediCanja in Kingston, to capitalise on the multibillion-dollar industry's commercialisation.

With the USA states of Washington, Colorado and the nation of Uruguay legalizing all uses of Marijuana, it's only a matter of time before Jamaica will follow. Legal Marijuana Will be a boom for Jamaica's economy and eventually the Caribbean Region.

This is The Premium domain names for All things related to Marijuana strains, culture, music of Jamaica. Jamaica's Rasta culture, i.e. Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and others, has been promoting the benefits of Marijuana for decades thru Music, Culture and Rastafarian religion. Owning these Domain and Brand names will be very valuable as the trend towards legal marijuana moves forward. To purchase securely in escrow, contact us.

Domain Names in Portfolio: JamaicaMarijuana.com JamaicaGanja.com JamaicaMedicalGanja.com RastaGanja.com OneLoveGanja.com RastaSpliff.com JamaicaLambsBread.com Rasta.Coffee Ganja.Limo MissGanja.com GanjaCruise.com CaribbeanMarijuana.com CaribbeanHemp.com GanjaMusicFestival.com Rasta.Sexy Ganja.Sexy Ganja.Coffee JamaicaGanjaExports.com JamaicaGanjaTours.com CaymanIslandsMarijuana.com VirginIslandsHemp.com BahamasMarijuana.com BermudaMarijuana.com

Number 9

Pot/Marijuana Domain Names for Sale -- $49

You will have the best named website around! Prices reduced!

Only $49 each or $250 for all six.

GetHighInTheMileHigh.com (Get High In The Mile High)

GetPotInColorado.com (Get Pot In Colorado)

GetYourWeedInColorado.com (Get Your Weed In Colorado)

PotHeadsInDenver.com (Pot Heads In Denver)

PotInDenver.com (Pot In Denver)

StonedInDenver.com (Stoned In Denver)

All Domains are registered under GoDaddy.com.

E-mail if interested.

Continue to keep counting down the ten most memorable marijuana domains for sale on Denver Craigslist. Number 8

Cannabis Business Domain Name -- $10,000

Cannabis Business Domain Name ~ Very Unique ~ PiperBaggins.com

Do you need a highly unique domain name for your current or future cannabis / marijuana industry business? Look no further, because most cannabis industry domain names for sale are tired and played out variations of "all the usual suspects..."

PiperBaggins.com has great branding potential and can be integrated into the individual creativity of your business.

PiperBaggins.com is not only a great name that has instant word play familiarity, but is also a name that could be associated with a mascot or character.

With PiperBaggins.com, the sky could be the limit and allow your organization to be featured in leading cannabis industry publications such as High Times, Culture and 420 Magazine...

The Green Rush has begun; Denver and Seattle are only the beginning. Blaze a successful cannabis industry business trail and get a domain name THAT IS a business name with realistically great ROI potential. Get PiperBaggins.com!

Number 7

Rollnup.com domain name-great for Limo or marijuana business -- $199 Rollnup.com domain name only.....a website is not included for $199. paid through paypal only for both of our protection. I will transfer the domain name to your name after payment. Would also be a great name for a Limo business.

Continue to keep counting down the ten most memorable marijuana domains for sale on Denver Craigslist. Number 6

Cafe420.com -- Medical Marijuana Dispensary or Edibles Domain Name -- $100,000

Cafe420.com -- Medical Marijuana Dispensary or Edibles domain is now for sale. It's all in the name and this is the BIGGEST AND BADDEST IN THE BUSINESS!!! I paid $75K for this domain two years ago and had big plans for this domain and business. Recently I contracted with a major U.S. defense contractor and was told I could not have any involvement with medical marijuana. That's the simple truth and the reason I'm now looking at selling it.

This is a phenomenal opportunity if you plan to go big in the biz!!!

This price is firm so please don't waste my time with lower offers or asking for terms/partnerships. I'm NOT INTERESTED.

Number 5

MarijuanaHoneymoon.com domain for sale OBO -- $499

see our 84 marijuana domain names at website in graphic

MarijuanaHoneymoon.com (domain only) $499

Continue to keep counting down the ten most memorable marijuana domains for sale on Denver Craigslist. Number 4


Billion dollar marijuana industry in its infant stages.

Grab a domain name that gets attention and to the point

E-mail if interested

Number 3

420DenverLawyer.com Domain Name -- $15,000 Perfect catchy memorable Name for Lawyers in Denver specializing in the booming emerging Legal Marijuana industry. To purchase securely in Escrow and/or make offers, go to URL and follow instructions. Also available separately: DenverMarijuanaVacation,com, DenverMarijuanaTourism.com PotHeadLimo.com.

Continue to keep counting down the ten most memorable marijuana domains for sale on Denver Craigslist. Number 2

DISPENSARYDUDE.COM -- Marijuana/Cannabis Premium Domain Name Premium marijuana and cannabis name for any dispensary. Medical marijuana web site, Medical cannabis website. Extremely easy to remember and perfect to increase dispensary business sales.

Number 1

HemppityDooDah.com business domain and website for sale

HemppityDooDah.com domain and website for sale. Search for it on eBay. Bidding starts at $0.99!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.