Photos: Ten Most Sex-Happy U.S. Cities — and Where Denver Finishes

A few years back, the Quality Health website named Denver the most sexually active city in America.

Since then, we've apparently slowed our roll to some degree — but we still like to get busy.

That's the take-away from a new analysis conducted by Men's Health magazine.

The mag set out to determine the most sex-happy U.S. cities using data related to condom sales, birth rates, sex-toy sales and STDs. And while Denver didn't wind up on top, as it were, the Mile High City is still a major player.

Count down all ten below — and to see the original post, featuring more information, click here.

Number 10: Houston, Texas
Condom Sales: 10th
Birth Rates: 8th
STD Rates: 50th

Number 9: Bakersfield, California
Condom Sales: 12th
Birth Rates: 3rd
STD Rates: 48th

Number 8: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Condom Sales: 34th
Birth Rates: 10th
STD Rates: 20th

Number 7: Arlington, Texas
Condom Sales: 5th
Birth Rates:16th
STD Rates: 54th

Number 6: Indianapolis, Indiana
Condom Sales: 41st
Birth Rates: 11th
STD Rates: 12th

Number 5: Denver, Colorado
Condom Sales: 7th
Birth Rates: 20th
STD Rates: 19th

Number 4: Durham, North Carolina
Condom Sales: 18th
Birth Rates: 9th
STD Rates: 27th

Number 3: Columbus, Ohio
Condom Sales: 13th
Birth Rates: 22nd
STD Rates: 15th

Number 2: Dallas, Texas
Condom Sales: 5th
Birth Rates: 6th
STD Rates: 25th

Number 1: Austin, Texas
Condom Sales: 1st
Birth Rates: 15th
STD Rates: 23rd
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