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Photos: Tilo Sandoval, suspect in brutal gay-hate attack on Jared Olson, surrenders to cops

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Update: Yesterday, we told you about the naming of a suspect, Tilo Sandoval, in the brutal, bias-motivated attack against Jared Olson outside a local nightspot last week. See our previous coverage below.

Now, Sandoval has surrendered to authorities.

He's being held on a $30,000 bond and is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow.

Here are the latest developments.

Just shy of 6 p.m. last night, the Denver Police Department tweeted the following:

Sandoval is suspected of having shouted anti-gay slurs at Olson and a couple of friends in the parking lot of Sam's Hookah Lounge on September 2, then turned these violent words into actions. Olson sustained broken bones in his face, as well as chipped and dislodged teeth, in the attack.

In court this morning, Sandoval is expected to be advised of the charges against him: second-degree assault, assault causing injury and bias-motivated crime.

Around the time Sandoval surrendered, Olson shared a very personal post on the Justice for Jared Facebook page. In it, he shares his version of events and shows his class by pleading for the humanity of the person who inflicted so much damage upon him:

A few days ago I told you all I'd make a video! That video has been made but it wont upload! Here I will tell you the story from my stand point instead! Keep in mind there were TWO other people with me! 2 friends and I went to Sams Hookah around 2:15 am on 9|2|13. We walked in to find the place empty after paying $5 at the door! After looking around we made a mutual agreement to leave! As we walked to our car, there were a group of about 8 people standing in between 2 cars to our right! Right when we got to our car door ONE guy started yelling at us! I got in the back seat passengers side and attempted to avoid the situation then my other 2 friends got in as well! He kept yelling the same exact thing as he was walking towards our car. I watched him walk to my door, open it, and punch me in the face! I had no idea that the other friend was also hit until later on. According to our driver, they were surrounding our car before we sped off! We left and I was dropped off at a local hospital. Keep in mind this was IN NO WAY WHATSOEVER provoked on our part! The Denver Police came up with the term "hate crime" and others on Facebook! I'd like to thank the numerous organizations and foundations that have reached out and offered help to me! My main concern is getting my teeth and face repaired. As you all know, MULTIPLE people have identified the suspect they are saying is involved with my case! For everyone that thinks they have a different story or version, I advise you to call the DPD and discuss it with them! I thank you ALL for your continued support. No matter the circumstance, the suspect is still a human and needs to be treated as one. PERIOD. Just like me that's somebody friend, kid or family! I appreciate it but please be respectful on all aspects from here on out! Love you all♥

Continue to see our previous coverage. Update, 6:19 a.m. September 10: Last week, we told you about a bias-motivated attack on Jared Olson, who says he was brutally beaten by a man who'd shouted gay slurs at him; see our previous coverage below.

Now, the Denver Police Department has zeroed in on a suspect: Tilo Sandoval, twenty.

Look below for additional information about Sandoval, plus additional photos and video.

As we've reported, Olson and two friends were just leaving Sam's Hookah Lounge when they were showered by insults -- and the violence soon went from verbal to physical.

Here's how Olson described it on Facebook: "This is the aftermath of my assault that happened this morning at Sam's Hookah Lounge! A few friends and I were leaving the hookah bar when guys in the parking lot started calling us 'faggots' and attacked us! Please pray for our speedy recovery."

Accompanying this post was the following photo....

...which was soon joined by a before-and-after shot that makes the damage Olson sustained even more clear: In the assault, Olson sustained chipped or dislodged teeth and broken bones in his face that he says will require reconstructive surgery -- and he doesn't have health insurance.

Meanwhile, Denver police investigated the case -- and late last night, the DPD released a crime bulletin about Sandoval, who's said to be "wanted in association with...a violent Anti-Gay assault that occurred on September 2, 2013, at Alameda Avenue and Zuni Street."

Sandoval is five-nine and approximately 145 pounds, with what are described as "several prominent tattoos about his arms."

Judging by an old selfie of Sandoval we found on MySpace, he's got ink on other parts of his body, too:

Although Sandoval's most recent address is on the 2700 block of West Yale, investigators believe he's currently moving from location to location, crashing with "friends and associates."

If you have information about Sandoval's whereabouts, you're encouraged to Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867). A reward of up to $2,000 is being offered in the case.

Here's a larger look at Sandoval's mug shot, followed by a brief 9News update and our previous coverage.

Continue for our previous coverage of the attack on Jared Olson, including photos and video. Original post, 8:26 a.m. September 4: Jared Olson was the target of a brutal attack prompted, he says, by anti-gay prejudice -- and he wants the world to know about it.

Rather than hiding his wounds, Olson is making them very public via both social and traditional media in the hope that those who assaulted him will be brought to justice. Meanwhile, the Denver Police Department is investigating what happened to him under the working theory that he was a victim of a bias-motivated crime. Photos, video and more below.

On Monday, Olson posted the following image on his Facebook page:

Accompanying the photo is the following post: "This is the aftermath of my assault that happened this morning at Sam's Hookah Lounge! A few friends and I were leaving the hookah bar when guys in the parking lot started calling us 'faggots' and attacked us! Please pray for our speedy recovery."

Shortly thereafter, Olson changed his profile pic to before-and-after shots that make the damage done to him even more clear:

Since then, Olson has been telling his tale to Denver TV stations, including 7News, which reports that he and two friends emerged from the aforementioned lounge to a storm of homophobic insults. The trio kept walking and climbed into their car, but one man followed, opened the door and began punching Olson and another passenger; the friend behind the wheel wasn't assaulted.

During the pounding, Olson sustained broken bones in his face as well as chipped or dislodged teeth, as seen in this screen capture:

To make the situation even more dire, Olson doesn't have health insurance.

In addition to television appearances and updates at Olson's own Facebook address, friends of his are spreading the word about what happened via the Justice for Jared page. Here's a look at it:

The most recent post describes the page's mission. It reads in part:

Jared was attacked by a man that had an issue with his sexual orientation. This page was made to help build not only awareness but support in Jared's honor! To everyone with their negative comments, god bless you!

For his part, Jared recently posted the following: "I'm getting scheduled for a consultation for my surgery right now!!!!!! Yayayayayayayay this is the first good news I've heard throughout this whole thing! I feel like a little kid on Christmas!"

Here's the aforementioned 7News report.

More from our Colorado Crimes archive circa July 2011: "Gay soldiers attacked in CO Springs, mayor rejects resolution denouncing hate crimes."

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