Photos: Tim Tebow's first New York billboard makes veiled reference to his junk

Ever since Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets, observers have wondered if he can maintain his squeaky clean image in the City That Never Sleeps (and Tends to Sleep Around).

Just prior to his scheduled introduction to the NYC media, we're getting an indication via a billboard that makes a veiled reference to his junk.

In recent days, Jockey, Tebow's primary corporate sponsor (thus far), offered this announcement to fans of its Facebook page: "The lights to our NEW billboard above the Lincoln Tunnel (NJ) JUST went on. YOU get the first look!"

Here it is:

Hmmm. Support Tebow.... And what part of Tebow does Jockey support? Oh!

Of course, Tebow's Jockey promotions have been a bit flirty at times. Witness this commercial, which gives viewers some lingering shots of Tebow's torso and ass:

Expect more of the same as time rolls on. As for why Jockey waited until Tebow landed in the Big Apple to pony up for a billboard, well, the number of drivers who pass through the Lincoln Tunnel on a daily basis likely provides that answer. Besides, he got plenty of billboard action from other sources in these parts, both actual -- remember the Tebow-Peyton Manning billboard poll, conducted just over two weeks ago? -- and virtual, as represented by Westword art director Jay Vollmar's placard proposals back when the quarterback debate in Denver involved The Chosen One and Kyle Orton. Count them down below.

No.10 No.9 No. 8 Page down to see more virtual Tim Tebow billboards.
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