Photos: Top fifteen marijuana gifts of 2013

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Number 12. DoobTubes We've said it before and we'll say it again (because we're stoned and forgot we said it before): These are possibly the greatest on-the-go personal stash containers out there. Not only do DoobTubes keep king-sized joints, spliffs and blunts from being crushed, but you can also grind up raw herb and stash it inside the smell-proof tubes for safekeeping. We've found they're great for snowboarding and swimming, and they also make thoughtful handouts when you're traveling and meet a fellow toker. allows you to order tubes with Colorado state laws printed on the side, or any custom design you want. Five-packs start at $6 on the website, though you can also find much cheaper deals through online smoke shops. Number 11. Bargain Ballz and Bungee Ballz The concept seems stupidly simple (it is), and the names aren't the greatest. But if you're a skier or boarder, these balls should be on your must-have list. Not only does the bungee keep your lighter around, but the round foam piece that chomps down onto the lighter makes it easier to handle with gloved or freezing-cold hands. Flip the lighter business-side down into the foam and it's kept relatively waterproofed. The balls are great for pairing up with a DoobTube or two for a rafting trip or a day paddle-boarding on the reservoir. Bungee Ballz come one to a pack for about $6 a pop; Bargain Ballz are two per $6 pack. Click to visit Number 10. Vapor globe portable vaporizer Does your stoner have the (current) mother of all vape pens, the vapor globe? While the globe doesn't have the portability or stealthiness of smaller vape pens like the Cloud/iPuff/etc., it's much more like actual dabbing. Just drop your wax, shatter or oil into the nail, and it's ready to rip. If you've got an eGo-type battery for your current vaporizer, then upgrading to the vapor globe set will only run you about $45 -- and it's money well spent. We suggest the Halo Elips with titanium-nail setup from Continue to keep counting down the top fifteen marijuana gifts of 2013.
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