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Reader: Maybe Centennial Should Register Those Pickleball Paddles

Centennial is getting paddled.
Centennial is getting paddled. Westword
Pickleball-mania is running wild in Colorado and across the country, crowding courts with players and municipal meetings with complaints. After an hours-long Centennial City Council meeting on March 21, that town announced a six-month moratorium on all pickleball court construction within 500 feet of any residence or area zoned as residential.

The reasoning? The southern Denver suburb isn't prepared to deal with complaints over pickleball. "This is something that suddenly came up for us," said Mayor Pro-Tem Richard Holt. "Not only here, but also the metro area and, quite possibly, Colorado, and even more dramatically, across the country. We are tackling this issue right now. All eyes are on Centennial as far as what we do."

Catie Cheshire's coverage of the meeting has inspired many people to sound off in their comments on the Westword Facebook post. Says Blake: 
Thought this was The Onion at first. News because they don't have anything else to talk about? They're complaining about the fact that people might complain about someone having fun and hitting a plastic ball? WTF 2023, stop being so ridiculous.
Suggests Chris:
I'm continually amazed that "noise" is the biggest pickleball complaint. Pickleball is ping-pong crossed with tennis. You play on a third of a tennis court. It sounds exactly like ping-pong. It's not loud.
Counters Philip: 
I love PB and play almost every day, but I would not want one built right beside my house. These people have a legitimate argument.
Offers Michael:
Maybe they should have to register those pickleball paddles.
Says Sarah: 
Oh, please do more studies on the noise pickleball would cause. I don’t want it drowning out the punks street racing in the neighborhoods.
Adds Chris:
The noise of people enjoying themselves is interrupting my lonesome and miserable life. We should make sure everyone else is just as miserable by ensuring these pickle ball courts are not constructed.
Notes Jessie:
People here complain about noise so much. The people who bought homes near Red Rocks complained about sound pollution, as if that shouldn't have occurred to them before they bought there. Residents near the airport complain about the noise planes are making. Now pickleball is too noisy? And the cities or counties involved entertain all this whining?
Points out Dan:
Just so the city understands, real pickles are not being used to play pickleball. Have to let them know that if they are concerned about the noise from a pickleball court, because it is just about as ridiculous.
Concludes Andrew:
All eyes are on Centennial? Literally, no one cares what Centennial is doing here, other than watching to see the folly it makes of itself.
Have you played pickleball? What do you think about the noise? Where do you think courts should be located? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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