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Pin-up Girls Invade Shotgun Willie's

Mark Shanstrom of Old South Frame and Gallery has an appearance scheduled at Shotgun Willie's, and he couldn't be more pleased about it. And no, he won't be peeling down to nothing onstage — that will still be left up to the usual Shotgun Willie's suspects, if you know what I mean. But Shanstrom will be there as a knowing advocate for classic Vargas-style pin-up art, an extensive exhibit of which he's had up on his gallery walls since last March (when we first ran a Night & Day profile in conjunction with the opening). The show's been so popular that Shanstrom's extended it at least through the end of the year, and, he notes, many of the most faithful aficionados dropping by have been nostalgic WWII-era women who still wistfully recall the way things were.

But I digress. Shanstrom says it was serendipity that hooked him up with folks at Shotgun Willie's on the eve of their 2007 calendar release Salute to the Pin-Up Girl features live girls photographed in dead-on Vargas-style poses that are really quite tasteful and lovely. And along with Shanstrom the art expert, the thirteen calendar models will be there in (meaning mostly out of) period costume from 7 to 11 p.m. on October 26. Shanstrom will speak on the calendar girl genre, while the leggy ladies flounce about, autographing calendars and looking innocently fetching.

"It's a great thing able to get together to raise the interest level in these classic illustrators," Shanstrom says. But on the other hand, you might be too meek to show up on Shotgun Willie's doorstep for a copy of the calendar. Never fear: Shanstrom promises he'll keep a few copies discreetly behind the counter. Happy holidays!

Shotgun Willie's is at 490 South Colorado Boulevard; call 303-388-9601. View Classic American Pin-up Art through December 31 at Old South Frame and Gallery, 1588 South Pearl Street; call 303-715-3828. -- Susan Froyd

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