Plastered zoo animals secured by chains, cages and cameras: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

Nearly every square inch of the front yard of the home pictured above is filled with a menagerie of critters and characters constructed of everything from concrete and plaster to metal and wood. Equally amazing are the numerous low-tech security measures employed to keep the animals secured... The first line of defense for the yard-art animal menagerie pictured above is a four-foot decorative concrete block fence topped with alternating horse shoes. The upturned horseshoes could easily snag the garments of a trespasser and make escape difficult, especially if the intruder is a thief trying to carry off a one-hundred pound concrete fawn.

Sitting on pedestals outside of the concrete-block fortress, the jaguars guarding the driveway are confined to their own protective cages. A security camera hangs below the left-most "eight" in the roof of the entry gateway.

Below, scrambled animals create disturbing vignettes... To the left of the photograph above, a lion assumes an attack stance before a family of deer and two olde-timey children. To the right, a bear catches fish beneath an archway made of golden horseshoes.

Are the juxtapositions of the characters and critters supposed to be humorous or unsettling? Above the mother deer standing at the center of the picture, two more security cameras carefully record any and all reaction.

Below, Gorilla and Bambi dance to a frog-fueled orchestra... The grouping of a musical toad trio and chained fawns beneath a swinging baboon might seem like the handiwork of a mentally unstable yard artist. However, the impeccably groomed lawn indicates that this is just the home of another tidy southwest Denver visionary.

The older-model satellite dish on the roof of the home pictured above even hints that the residents are early adapters to new technologies. Then again, the rocks on top of the porch roof, just below below the satellite dish, also suggest that this gadget may be an asteroid-capturing device.

Below, a bevy of bald eagles bids you adieu... In the side yard grouping pictured above, bald eagles guard over frogs and bunnies lounging between an assortment of cacti. Whether viewed as humor or warning, the vignette successfully detracts the gaze of the passerby from the six-foot fence topped with barbed wire that surrounds the rear of the property.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.