Playboy's 15 Sexiest Cities — and Where Denver Finishes

If any news source should know America's sexiest cities, it's Playboy.

But folks in Denver may not be thrilled by its rankings.

The venerable mag's list of the sexiest cities in the U.S. includes the Mile High City. But D-Town isn't exactly battling for the top spot.

Playboy's roster goes up to 25, but we've narrowed things down to the top fifteen, featuring photos and excerpts from the post's text for many, if not all, the selections — including a parting shot at Denver. To see the original item, boasting ten additional cities and plenty of additional information, click here.

Number 1: New York

What makes New York the sexiest city in America? In addition to topping our respondents’ lists, it’s backed up by other metrics as well. It has by far the best and most nightlife in our roundup, with thousands of bars, clubs and restaurants in walkable neighborhoods linked by a dense web of subways, Ubers and taxis, making the possibility of frequent and convenient assignations likelier than anywhere else....

Number 2: Los Angeles

The City of Angels may be the second city of sexiness, but it’s at the bottom of our top five when it comes to venturing into Fifty Shades of Grey territory: Fewer than 20 percent of respondents are into spreaders and whips....

Number 3: Chicago

This muscular, cold-weather, sports-crazy city may seem a surprising pick, but there’s more to Chicago than great architecture, major museums and da Bears. Its walkable neighborhoods — including upscale Lincoln Park, up-and-coming River North and bar-dense Wicker Park and Bucktown—amp up the sexy quotient, attracting young professionals who seek same in restaurants, dives, blues joints, shops and galleries....

Number 4: Miami

It’s no surprise the south Florida hot spot and its steamy sidekick South Beach enjoy the most sex by far among our top five cities — 160 encounters a year....

Number 5: San Francisco

A drop-dead gorgeous setting, abundant and varied nightlife and urban sophistication all factor into San Francisco’s seriously sexy scores. Densely populated and ­pedestrian- and bike-friendly, it also has the fittest population in the country....

Number 6: Boston

Number 7: Seattle

Number 8: Las Vegas

Gambling, showgirls, countless hotel beds, strip joints, topless pools, swinger hangouts, adult stage shows, an ­anything-goes attitude—come to think of it, even the word Strip says “sexy.” No wonder Vegas is in the top 10....

Number 9: San Diego

Number 10: Portland, Oregon

It’s only fitting that OkCupid members in this slacker-friendly city list casual sex as a profile option more often than members in any other city in America....

Number 11: Dallas

Residents here have less sex (104 times a year) than residents of any other burg except Philadelphia in Trojan’s 10-city roundup. But at 39 minutes, Big D denizens last longer than other American lovers....

Number 12: Philadelphia

Sometimes less is more: In Trojan’s survey of 10 top markets, Philly ranked lowest in ­sexual frequency (99 times per year) and highest in sexual satisfaction (82 percent)....

Number 13: Austin

A recent Men’s Health survey named it the most sex-happy city in America, based on condom and sex-toy sales, birth rates and instances of STDs. Nothing says “sex happy” to us like that last metric....

Number 14: Minneapolis

Number 15: Denver

It’s one of the nation’s five fittest places, according to a Men’s Fitness survey, and the leanest, says the CDC. But those hard bodies need to slow down a bit when they reach the bedroom. The average sex session lasts just 26 minutes — one of the briefest in the Trojan survey....

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