PleasuresDudes Go Lowriding

Dudes! The PleasuresDudes are back on TV tonight, when their show airs on Channel 7 after Comics. Get ready by checking out their slide show of the Lowrider Magazine competition in Denver.

Totally sweet! The annual Lowrider Magazine Tour, with its car and bike show, is a gnarly way to spend the day. We started out last Sunday by meeting our good friend Big Jimmy, also known as James Aguilar, at the Denver Coliseum. Big Jimmy’s bike “Twisted Purple” was one of hundreds entered in different divisions, where they are judged in such areas as paint, art, chrome, fancy details and the display that surrounds the bike, too! “Twisted Purple” was in the 16-inch wheel division, and Big Jimmy won first place: Maybe it helped that he had a giant PleasuresDudes poster as part of his display, along with purple panties by the wheels.

There were so many thought-provoking and intriguing designs that we spent at least two hours looking at all the ways these cool lowrider dudes tricked out their hot bikes. Then, after meeting some of the girls who were going to be in the bikini contest (and getting two phone numbers – my bad, lollol), we were escorted to the media area for the coolest contest ever!

The Hoppers Contest featured several divisions, including Single Pump Hopping, Double Pump Hopping, Truck Hoppers, Radical Hoppers, Street Dancing and the Radical Dance. It was all new to Derf and me, Rusty, and a real treat to see something so unbelievable. In all the divisions, the object is the same: to see whose car can jump straight up from its two front tires, while the two back tires stay on the ground. If the car goes all the way up and sticks for more then twenty or so seconds, it doesn’t count – it has to be a real hop! My favorite division was the Street Dance, in which a contestant gets 75 seconds to do a freestyle dance using their remote control to make the car dance like a Michael Jackson wannabe! The moves these cars did was totally insane!

We must have seen at least fifty cars compete and when the sweet dust settled, there were two huge winners. Shorty from Shorty's Shop set a new record with his silver truck heavy-hitter known as Hopzilla; the record had been 103 inches, and he did a remarkable 104 inches! The other big winner was Team Hi Low from the shop Elite Nitreulics.

Now it was time to check out all the cool lowrider cars, and there were some real beauties! The attention to detail was spectecular, and the paint jobs looked like they cost a lot more then the entire car you drive to work. The owners of these magnificent cars showed us how they built their creampuffs and answered all the stupid questions we came up with. It was a trip how much grade A green I smelled throughout the arena.

Then we went back stage for the one-and-only Lowrider Magazine Bikini Contest. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw I dude I knew I’d seen before. It was Danny Trejo, who played the thug hitman Rondo in Rob Zombies’ The Devil’s Rejects. We interviewed him and took pictures, and he told us he’d just gotten back from shooting a movie in Thailand. When I asked if any interesting things had happened on the set of The Devil’s Rejects, all he could say was, "Yeah, Diamond Dallas Page" – referring to the WCW wrestler turned actor. But there was no more time to talk, because we finally got to see bikini-clad girls shake their money-makers. We were right there, up-close and personal, and the girls were hot! Lexi won; she had such a nice little body.

We’re already looking forward to going back next year! -- The PleasuresDudes

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