PMSBuddy: A Denver entrepreneur's idea to make your girlfriend hate you a little more

Continue at your own risk.

A Denver entrepreneur's new web site is threatening to overtake Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and YouPorn as the site most likely to inspire women to hurl hot irons at their boyfriends.

Jordan Eisenberg, whose previous endeavor was the much safer Collar Card, recently launched, which helps men track the menstrual cycles of wives, girlfriends, mistresses, bosses, sisters, daughters - anyone, really, whose body is capable of mass-producing that monthly, much-feared cocktail of terror and inconsolable tear-spewing.

Here's how it works, gents, in case you're stupid enough to let this thing linger in your web history:

Simply enter the date of your woman's last cycle and PMSBuddy will send you an e-mail reminding you of your impending doom. You can receive as little or as much notice as you'd like -- anything from one day (if you just want to stay a little late at the office) to five (if you need a little more time to fake your death).

The site also recommends steps you can take to mitigate the damage (and bolster its corporate partnerships) -- like buying flowers from 1-800-Flowers or chocolate from Godiva. Neither of which will do any good at all, by the way.

Eisenberg -- if you're wondering who's behind such a genius/suicidal idea -- is 27 and lives with his wife in LoDo. He says the idea sprung from a night at the bar, where some undisclosed amount of liquor made him and some friends believe it was okay to broach the topic of PMS with some female friends, despite that gender's time-honored refusal to acknowledge PMS's existence. As it turned out, two of Eisenberg's male friends, who apparently are really organized, had been logging their partners' Cycles of Irrationality in their datebooks and Blackberries.

Thus, PMSBuddy was born.

The site has attracted thousands of visitors worldwide, Eisenberg says, and is expected to be shut down when his wife destroys the servers in a sudden fit of rage sometime in the next 28 days. -- Joe "I Swear I'm Not a Member, Babe!" Tone

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