Poop Fairies watch over Jefferson County hiking trails: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Jefferson County officials should not be encouraging pet owners to believe that "There Is No Poop Fairy." As the illustration above indicates, scat scofflaws won't respond to any poop-pickup commandments unless they are being watched over by real, live poop fairies... Instead of making speeches about the environmental impact of dog waste on ground water, Jefferson County Poop Fairy Sheriff Ted Mink should watch over hiking trails and make miscreant pet owners drink a glass of water containing their pet's poops. Below, poop fairies stop making fun and start making tough choices... Above, Poop fairies Bridgit Coffman, the graphic designer who inspired the "Poop Fairy" program, and Manager of Jefferson County Animal Control Carla Zinanti should stand near trailheads wearing poop-bag tutus and turd tiaras and warn that dogs will disappear if their doodoo don't.

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