Positive signs at the Colorado DMV and courthouse

Pay attention to the signs.

Getting pulled over by the police sucks. Getting pulled over because your registration has been expired for quite some time is even worse. And when you also can’t find proof of insurance in your overstuffed glove box and the cop gives you no choice but to go to court? Well, that just seals the deal.

So, I figure I must have done something good karma-wise in the past few months -- because rectifying all of these situations was the easiest process I’ve every gone through.

Earlier this week, I nervously showed up at the DMV office at 27th and Welton streets, expecting a long line and a grumpy employee who would insist on more documentation than I had brought with me. But when I got there, there was no one else in line – not a soul. And although the employee was indeed grumpy – a pre-requisite to being hired by the DMV, I suppose – getting registered took all of four minutes.

Then I found out that if I could show my registration and proof of insurance to someone in Room 109, the traffic division in the city building, I might be able to have one charge dismissed and pay for the other without having to um, see the judge.

I hoofed it down to Room 109, where I was once again the only person in line, paid my fine and went on my way. A car wash would have taken longer. The best part about Room 109: the traffic signs – including Yield, MPH limits and a photo radar warning -- hanging on the wall, which add a bit of humor to a humorless place.

Now, about my out-of-state driver’s license… -- Jonathan Shikes

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