Post Greg Moore: Denver is easier than it is smart

The Denver Post's staff is still buzzing about Bill Husted's interview with editor Greg Moore as part of the columnist's weekly Bar & Grilled feature, and no wonder. Unlike, say, former Rocky Mountain News editor John Temple, Moore has never seemed that interested in pushing himself into his own pages -- so to suddenly okay devoting a hefty block of space to such topics as his iPod playlist seems flat-out bizarre. In addition, there's the awkwardness of Husted trying to seem casual and slangy while interviewing his own boss. And that's not to mention the often unusual responses offered by Moore. Our top five:

1. His middle initial, "L," doesn't stand for anything. Even now, newsroom wits are probably thinking of their own suggestions to change that.

2. He feels Boston, his previous place of residence, is smarter than Denver, but "this is a much easier place to live. The people here are a lot friendlier and less tribal." Which is a bit like saying, "You're not as beautiful as she is, but you have a nice personality."

3. When he's asked to name three people who make Denver interesting, he offers up socialite Holly Kylberg, adman Matthew Keeney and former mayor Wellington Webb -- the sort of folks who attend high-profile parties the rest of us couldn't get into unless we were sleeping with the doorman.

4. Moore has his suits custom-made, complete with his signature on the sleeve. I buy mine at Goodwill and write my name in the collar with a Sharpie.

5. Despite this being an enormously rough period for old media in general, and newspapers in particular, his state of mind is "relaxed."

As for me, I'm a nervous wreck. Is Husted already so desperate for subjects, despite the fact that Bar & Grilled has only been in print since March, that he's having to look in-house? And if so, does that mean -- gulp! -- that Woody Paige is next?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.