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Poultrygeist and the PleasuresDudes, Part Three

The PleasuresDudes, Denver's way-past-prime-time adult TV celebs, were invited to work the green carpet last weekend at the Los Angeles premiere of Poultrygeist. See their slideshow here; their upclose and personal account of the green-carpet capers continues below (read part one here):

The PleasuresDudes loved Poultrygeist! We give it a perfect 10 out of 10! It’s so sick you have to see it to believe it -- the sickest, most bloody, horrific, crazy film ever from Troma pictures (that's us with Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman, above)! The movie is incredible in a sick, sick way, and if you like cult films, horror, musicals or the bizarre, you will love to hate this film. But you have to see it.

Poultrygeist is about the environment, tainted chicken, people eating the chicken and turning into chicken zombies, and men laying giant eggs out of their asses. There’s a scene where a woman sticks a mop handle through a man’s ass and a hundred gallons of blood coming out of his penis area; and a scene that is so totally sick where a man eats the tainted chicken and shits into an explosion of himself where a zombie comes out of his exploded skin and the bathroom is a bloody, shitty mess.

The film is 120 minutes long and it really keeps you interested in what’s going to happen next! There are great character actors like the white trash hillbilly who likes to have sex with animals, the lesbian who steals the innocent girl away from her boyfriend, the black manager of the chicken restaurant, the nerdy dead guy, and lots of really interesting Troma stars. There are girls who are very beautiful and very funny, and musical numbers that make Hairspray look like Fantasia. In fact, this movie makes Pink Flamingos, the John Waters classic, look like The Bad News Bears!

And after the movie, the real action started at the after-party at the Hustler store on Sunset Boulevard. Watch for that tomorrow. – the PleasuresDudes

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