Prediction: No nails to be bitten in impending death-penalty vote

Despite Monday's move to strip a death-penalty ban out of legislation designed to divert funds to investigating cold cases, Morgan Carroll, a state Senator sponsoring the bill, isn't giving up. As the current session ticks toward its conclusion, she plans to reintroduce the original language with the hope of bringing her moribund measure back to life. "We have a shot," she told the Denver Post. "But it will be a close call. It's a nail-biter."

Doubt it -- and the reason is contained elsewhere in today's Post. Speaking with columnist Bill Johnson, whose piece was stronger than usual, Senator Lois Tochtrop, a Democrat who was among those helping to pull off Monday's maneuver, admitted that she could never vote to sentence someone to die if she was on a jury -- but she said her constituents are so overwhelmingly pro-death penalty that she decided to cast her ballot in accordance with their beliefs, not hers.

Expect others senators to follow suit. Carroll may see a close call, but odds are better that the bill will be out by a mile.

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