Predictions 2011: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Prediction #1: Unable to stop the increasing incidence of slope rage, Colorado ski resorts begin to promote Spring Break pay-per-view broadcasts of Ultimate Ski-Fighting® to help generate revenue.

Below, see how the stoner vote affects the Denver Mayor's race...

Prediction #2: Hoping to capture the cyber/stoner vote by promising to use marijuana dispensary tax funds to make the city of Denver a free wi-fi hot spot, Carol Boigon and Chris Romer combine campaigns in mid-April and run as "The Joint Mayor." Page down for the forecast for the outcome of the Denver County Fair... Prediction #3: The success of the first-ever Denver County Fair in July inspires apartment, condo and loft dwellers across the city to start their own swing-out, roof-top and window-box urban farms.

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