Preview: Meet Charles Farrar, serving life for sex crime that never happened (VIDEO)

Charles Farrar is serving a 145-year prison sentence at the Sterling Correctional Facility after being found guilty on 22 counts of sexual abuse against his teenaged step-daughter, Sacha Bruce.

Except he didn't do any of it.

His accuser, Sacha, has admitted that she lied about the pattern of bizarre abuse she claimed to have suffered at the hands of her stepfather and mother, Debbie. Her mother was never tried -- Sacha refused to testify against her -- and Sacha recanted her story about Farrar after his trial. As I point out in the story, which goes online tomorrow afternoon and hits newsstands Thursday morning, she began to regret what she'd done almost immediately.

So why is Farrar still in prison nine years later, when there's no evidence against him? The disturbing answer has to do with the way child sex assault cases are prosecuted in places like Arapahoe County -- with minimal investigation, by authorities predisposed to "believe the children" and suspend skepticism about even the wildest claims.

Farrar's ordeal is explored in depth in tomorrow's feature Here's a clip of an interview conducted with Farrar a few weeks ago. In this excerpt, he recalls the day he was arrested, his children were removed and put in foster care, and his entire life got blown apart:

Read the full story at westword.com/news on Wednesday.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.