Pro Bowl 2011: Just Brandon Lloyd. Worst Bronco representation in 22 years.

One is the loneliest number. The Pro Bowl rosters were released last night, and, assuming there are no Broncos added as replacements, the team will have its fewest representatives since 1988, when punter Mike Horan was the lone Bronco. That team was much better than this one, too: They went 8-8 and finished second in the division. This year... we might get the second pick in the draft.

Brandon Lloyd is currently leading the NFL in receiving yards with 1,375. That's more than double his previous career high, and there's still one game to go. He was a fourth round pick in 2003 by the San Francisco 49ers.

Hard to find a surefire snub this year. You could maybe say Champ Bailey, who after all only had a marginally worse season this year than last, when he was a Pro Bowler. And remember, Kyle Orton had a pretty monstrous statistical year -- over 400 yards against the Colts and four touchdowns against the Chiefs. And, amazingly, it looks more and more like he'll be losing his starting job next year to Tim Tebow.

What do you think -- anyone else deserve a trip to Hawaii to play in the world's most boring football game?

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