Pro-Palin blogger Adam Brickley still in SarahCuda's corner

Alaska governor Sarah Palin's surprise announcement on Friday that she'll be leaving her office eighteen months early because -- well, just because -- distressed many of the GOP faithful. But it didn't upset Adam Brickley, the Colorado blogger credited with helping to land Palin on the 2008 Republican ticket alongside John McCain by way of his website, palinforvp.blogspot.com. Obviously, the name of this page is out of date, but Brickley has kept it active in order to redirect folks to his latest Internet address, The Brickyard (at the-brickyard.blogspot.com), on which he promises to share his random thoughts on "Power, Politics, and Palin." And shockingly enough, his musings about the latter's decision are entirely positive.

"Palin Actually EXTENDED Her Influence in Alaska Today" insists that SarahCuda didn't leave her party in the lurch by bailing with so much of her term left to serve. Here's her argument, which pivots on the ideology of Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell, who'll take over as Alaska's chief executive once Palin moves on:

Had she simply not run for re-election, she would have triggered a competitive GOP gubernatorial primary, and run the risk of the "Good Old Boys Club" (or "CBC" for those Alaskans who understand that acronym) taking the GOP nomination and the governorship. Otherwise known as the "Republican Majority", this group is vociferously anti-Palin and even functions as a SEPARATE PARTY in the State Senate - where both the majority and minority leaders are Republicans, due to the "Majority's" decision to govern in coalition with the Democrat's rather than work with their fellow Republicans. If they had taken the governorship, the pipeline project (and many other Palin programs) would have been near the top of the cut list.

However, by resigning now, Palin installs Sean Parnell as an incumbent before the 2010 primary. So, instead of fighting off a strong "CBC" challenger, Parnell will have a much clearer shot at keeping the office in Palinite hands for another four (or possibly eight) years. Sarah Palin did not give up on her reforms today -- she institutionalized them, Now, they will not leave office with her, but rather continue under Gov. Parnell.

Yes, you read it correctly: Brickley busted out the term "Palinite." Whether Palin will actually spawn an army of political clones powerful enough to retake the White House from the evil Obama minions really, really remains to be seen. But there's no doubt Brickley will be cheering from the cyber-sidelines for the woman he started supporting for national office before almost anyone else.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.