ProgressNow Colorado's Michael Huttner subjects himself to Fox News

ProgressNow Colorado's Michael Huttner will go just about anywhere to pimp 50 Ways You Can Help Obama Change America, a new book he co-wrote with former Rocky Mountain News media writer Jason Salzman -- including Fox News. He didn't emerge from his appearance opposite Neil Cavuto unscathed, however. Huttner twice dodged a direct question about whether or not wait times for health care will lengthen enormously if millions of new patients enter the system, either because he didn't have a good answer, or because he was absolutely committed to sticking to his talking points. In addition, he failed to nail Cavuto when the latter suggested that a hefty percentage of uninsured Americans have opted out by choice, including young people "who think they're bulletproof" and illegal immigrants. Still, he deserves props for even venturing into the Fox's den -- a place many liberals refuse to tread. Judge for yourself how he did by watching the video above.

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