Prom, ganja and the smell test

Hard to ignore a press release with this headline: "Brighton High School Senior Excluded From Prom Because Her Date 'Smelled Like Medical Marijuana.'"

According to the release, the incident in question involved Brighton High senior Sarah Heideman, who wasn't allowed to go to prom because her date, Jason Schweinsberg, allegedly had a whiff of weed about him. Both he and Heideman deny having toked prior to the event, although Schweinsberg is a medical-marijuana patient with a state-issued card. The expulsion made Heideman mad -- hire-a-lawyer mad. Hence a press conference scheduled for 12:30 p.m. today, at which attorney Robert Corry will excoriate the authorities involved for turning "what should have been a treasured memory of Sarah's youth" into "a nightmare because of the current insanity of the War on Drugs."

Get the rest of the details after the jump.


BRIGHTON, COLORADO--On May 6, 2009 over the noon hour, Brighton High School Senior Sarah Heideman and her lawyer Robert J. Corry, Jr. will hold a press conference to discuss her recent exclusion from Prom.

When Sarah, age 18, and her date Jason R. Schweinsberg arrived, the school principal advised that they were not permitted to enter the event because Sarah's date allegedly "smelled like marijuana." A police search of both of them and their vehicle revealed no marijuana. Jason then advised the off-duty Brighton Police Officers present that he was a Medical Marijuana patient on the State of Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry and showed his State-issued card. Both Sarah and Jason denied using any marijuana that night, and denied smelling like it.

Sarah does not use marijuana or any other illegal drug, and voluntarily took a urinalysis this week to demonstrate that she was not using marijuana on Saturday or any other recent occasion. "What should have been a treasured memory of Sarah's youth was turned into a nightmare because of the current insanity of the War on Drugs," said Corry. "Sarah will never have her Senior Prom back, and she did absolutely nothing to deserve this callous treatment."

WHAT: Sarah Heideman and her attorney, Robert Corry, Jr., will hold a press conference discussing her exclusion from Senior Prom.

WHEN: 12:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 6, 2009.

WHERE: Brighton High School, 270 South 8th Avenue, Brighton, Colorado 80601.

CONTACT: Website: www.RobCorry.com

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