Puff Hookah Cafe Bar teen-lingerie night: Bar promises to screen for your kid (PHOTOS)

Local TV has been all over a lingerie night sponsored by Puff Hookah Cafe Bar that promised "no cover charge" for females sixteen and over "who come dressed up." In an attempt to do damage control, Puff has posted a message to concerned parents insisting that the night was handled responsibly and offering to keep out specific teens whose folks object. But the site also features photos that may give conservative oldsters pause. See them below.

Here's the message to parents following reports by the likes of 7News and 9News:

Dear Concerned Colorado Parents,

You may have seen the news coverage about our lingerie party. We just wanted to say that the party was created by a teen for teens and we had very tight security that night to make sure no one bothered the girls. Most of the girls that dressed up where over 18 and almost 100% of the attendance was between the age of 16 to 20 as the over 20 YO crowed tend to go to clubs as they can drink. We provide a place to under 21 YO crowed to be able to hang out in a safe place. Parents are always welcome to come and check the place out and we have had parents that did that in the past and they still let their teens attend as they made sure it is safe. We didn't really mean to get parents mad about the whole issue of the party theme, we just wanted the teens to have fun in a safe place. Over 100 had attended and we didn't have any complaint or a problem. If you have an issue with our teen(s) getting in to the hookah bar or attending any event(s). Please send us an email PuffHookah@Gmail.com or send us a text msge (720)224-4444 and give us your teen's name and birth date and we will not allow them to come in as we check I.Ds at the door and when they get a hookah to smoke. Just wanted to assure every parent that we care about the safety of your teens as much as you do. If you have any comments please feel free to send us an email PuffHookah@Gmail.Com. We will work together to keep your teens safe.

Thank you


As for those photos, note that the substance being smoked is a large menu of Shisa tobacco. Page down to see them all:

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