Quinque, R.I.P.: Was Teen Murdered by Friend or Killed in a Tragic Accident?

The person seen above is identified by an acquaintance as an eighteen-year-old named Quinque.

The teen died in a shooting on Saturday night, December 5.

Sources who spoke with two different news agencies maintain that the incident was a terrible accident.

However, a seventeen-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder.

According to the Englewood Police Department, officers were dispatched to a mobile home park on the 3300 block of South Santa Fe Drive at around 9:45 p.m. on the 5th.

The report: shots fired.

Upon their arrival, the cops found an eighteen-year-old victim inside a vehicle.

He had been shot at least one time — reportedly in the head.

Shortly thereafter, the EPD determined that a seventeen-year-old had pulled the trigger.

The teen was taken into custody on a second-degree murder beef.

Neither teen has been formally identified by authorities at this writing. However, Elizabeth Manraque, referred to as a friend of the victim, told 7News his name was Quinque.

What happened? Manraque and Emma Rios, the mother of a Quinque acquaintance who spoke with CBS4, both say the shooting was accidental.

However, they differ on the details.

Rios maintains that a group of friend were playing with a pistol they didn't realize was loaded — and Quinque wound up in the unintentional crossfire.

For her part, Manraque says that the gun started out unloaded, but "the seventeen-year-old, he was saying, like, 'Let's put bullets in it,' and the other one didn't want to until, like, they did put it — and he was just shooting the gun. He didn't know how to use it until he got the other guy and he shot him in the head." 

The Englewood PD stresses that the investigation into the tragedy is "active and ongoing."

In the meantime, we offer our sincere condolences to Quinque's friends, family and loved ones. Here's the 7News piece.

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