Quiznos Names New President

On Monday, Quiznos announced that its executive management team transformation is complete with the appointment of David Deno as President. In a prepared statement, Quiznos CEO Greg Brenneman called Deno the final piece in the company’s strategy to bring in outstanding quick service management. Deno, who will now oversee all operations, has 23 years of industry experience. He’s worked for Burger King, been the COO and CFO of Yum Brands (corporate parent of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC), and most recently was with CCMP Capital, an ownership partner in Quiznos.

“He is singularly committed to helping us continue to increase franchise owner profitability at Quiznos,” Brenneman said.

This management transformation, which began with Brenneman taking Richard Schaden’s CEO position a year ago, followed a litany of lawsuits and bad press sparked by dissatisfied franchisees that culminated with the suicide of a Quiznos franchisee in a California store in November 2006, “You’re Toast,” May 3.

While some franchisees have rallied behind new management, others are still making noise – and have lawsuits pending in Colorado and Illinois, "Quiznos Has a Full Plate," November 22. On Monday, I received a video in the mail “by anonymous”. Quiznos: When the Dream Becomes a Nightmare not only criticizes the company’s past management but also suggests its transformation is more about gearing up for a public offering than helping out struggling store owners.

The trade journal QSR Magazine recently named Quiznos as having the best new management team in the industry. -- Jessica Centers

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Sean Cronin