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Race For the Cure photo gallery

The crowd gathers.

For all of its commercialization, the Komen Race For the Cure, a breast-cancer fundraiser that took place on Sunday, remains one of the most positive annual events in Denver -- a gathering at which all of the things that divide us are set aside in favor of care, compassion and a dedication to banding together as a community to help eradicate a disease that takes too many of our friends and loved ones. Example? For the first time in months, KHOW's Dan Caplis, who helped kick off the 5K run/walk that I participated in, managed to speak in public without pointing out how Barack Obama is destroying America.

Below, find shots from along the route that hopefully capture the spectacle's amazing size and scope. -- Michael Roberts

A packed light-rail car headed from Mineral to Union Station at around 7:30 a.m. By the third stop, the train was far too crowded to allow any other passengers to get on. In some of the years I've participated, Racers were allowed to ride free, but not this year -- unsurprising, given RTD's current money woes.
Participants gather near the start line.
A typical homemade, and heartfelt, tribute. This year, however, I was pleased to see many more signs noting that Racers were taking part "In Celebration of" various survivors of breast cancer, as opposed to wearing "In Memory of" placards.
A celebrity sighting -- or an approximation thereof.

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Directing a band, as opposed to directing traffic. As usual, musical groups lined the streets, providing an upbeat soundtrack for the day.
Anti-abortion protesters took advantage of the throng to convey their messages. This group, which employed megaphones and strident commentary, was widely heckled by passers-by, with one woman near me snapping, "Shame on you!" But a latter display urging voters to support Amendment 48, the personhood measure recently detailed in a Westword cover story, didn't excite such passions because it was visual, not aural. On a day like this, political silence was golden.

The throng pouring down Federal.
The end is near.
After racing and walking for the cure, leaking for the cure.
Most of us aren't cheered on for doing something good. That's yet another reason why so many Denverites come back to the Race year after year.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.