Raymond Davis's bagel fever gets ex-CIA contractor in trouble again: We spy a Shmuck

You don't want to mess with former CIA contractor Raymond Davis -- not if you're operating a motor vehicle, anyway. The 37-year-old Davis was arrested Saturday and later charged with felony assault after police say he beat up a guy who stole his parking spot at an Einstein Bros. Bagels in Highlands Ranch. The guy, fifty-year-old Jeffrey Maes, allegedly suffered a fracture to one of his vertebrae (and a bloodied face).

Of course, Davis is best known for shooting and killing two men on motorcycles in Pakistan last January; he told Pakistani police the men tried to rob him. That case caused a huge ruckus in Pakistan, however. And while the United States claimed that Davis was innocent and had diplomatic immunity, the families of the victims demanded "blood money" for their relatives -- an apparent Islamic practice. The money was paid, although no one knows by whom, and Davis was released in March.

Now, he's back and making news again -- news that has traveled back to Pakistan, which took the opportunity to remind U.S. government officials this week that they had promised back in March to further investigate Davis and shooting.

Davis's next scheduled court date is in December. Don't steal his parking space at the Douglas County courthouse.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.