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Rayshawn Laster: Guilty plea for man who shot his mother, Facebooked about it

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Rayshawn Laster has pleaded guilty to fatally shooting his mother in the head late last year.

Which was pretty much his only option, since in the immediate aftermath of the slaying, he texted a confession and admitted on his Facebook page that he'd done something unforgivable.

The Colorado Springs Police Department identifies Laster as a gang member. Last September, he and two men were arrested with what 7News described as "a stolen gun in the car, 265 grams of marijuana and three under-age girls."

Cops got another call about Laster on December 30. Seems he'd gotten into an argument with his mother, Brenda Laster-Taylor, 49 -- one concerning enough to her that she called the authorities. By the time officers arrived, he'd already split, but the Colorado Springs Gazette reports that he allegedly returned around 7:30 p.m. and shot his mom in the head while she talked on her cell phone.

Afterward, Laster is said to have sent a text to a neighbor that read, "i killed brenda." And while he didn't repeat this phrase on his Facebook page, he shared a number of other highly pointed sentiments.

They include:

"Im sorry for nothing. My journey has come to an end."

"Alot of people will never understand. Why? Only a few know the truth. Life goes on. Solid."

"Thank u for everything u have ever did for me. U will never forgive me. That I kno. But im not askin for that. Just know i love u."

That Laster had time for Facebooking in the hours after the shooting is remarkable given that he also apparently tried and failed to carjack a vehicle outside a tavern -- he couldn't get the vehicle to start -- and was the subject of a sweeping dragnet. Still, he kindly kept his Facebook followers informed. At around 10:20 p.m. that evening, for instance, he wrote, ""They are all over. Everywhere around me so its only a matter of time."

He was right about that. By early the next morning, Laster was in police custody -- a situation that no doubt made engaging in social media difficult. And now that he's pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, he'll have to bid farewell to his Facebook friends once and for all.

Look below to see a larger version of Laster's mug shot.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.