Reader: 160 Citations for Thousands of People on 4/20 is Reasonable

Our post about the 160 citations handed out by Denver police at 4/20 events over this past weekend quickly became a comment magnet.

Some readers objected to the number of tickets — a contrast to a Denver Police Department tweet that insisted officers weren't "hatin'" on those that were "rollin'."

Others supported the laws against public consumption with great passion.

The following post is an example of the latter viewpoint.

Michael Stroud writes:

160 citations out of thousands of people? Seems legit! I would refrain from trying to turn the people against Denver police when they are ON our side. There will ALWAYS be hooligans messing it up for the masses — and I am glad the Denver Police Force Cracked down on them! We have laws! I dont expect to see people drinking beer walking the streets.... FOLLOW THE LAWS — We could be in Kansas after all.... 

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