Reader: 4/20 at CU Boulder doesn't cause problems, so why are administrators freaking?

In our latest post about 4/20 at CU Boulder, a university spokesman refuted claims a police crackdown was in the works but acknowledged that officers would be "more active." A reader who wasn't reassured responded with questions about why administrators see the event as so problematic.

FearNot writes:

Yet more fear. 10,000 people gathered together consuming alcohol would be a problem, but as demonstrated last year, 10,000 people gathered together getting baked cause very very few problems.

As I remember there were three problems last year related to people who were unsuccessful in being able to drive under the influence of other problems. Feel free to point out any other problems not reported by the media which is where I got my information. Be sure to site your source. Random bullshit is just that.

Hell, there would be more problems with 10,000 people together sober than 10,000 people together baked. Chill. Relax. Nothing bad has ever happened. Why would it happen this year?

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