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Reader: Anyone Fighting for $15 Minimum Wage is Economically Illiterate

Our post about last week's Fight for 15 rallies in Denver prompted an explosion of commentary.

The movement, which calls for fast-food employees and other low-wage workers to receive a minimum of $15 per hour and union-organizing rights, clearly remains controversial in many quarters.

Some people believe such a wage boost represents simple justice, while others see the campaign as enormously counterproductive.

Include the following reader in the latter camp.

John Greene writes:

Anyone fighting for a $15 minimum wage is economically illiterate. Raising the minimum wage so high hurts the very people that these fools claim to want to help. It will decrease employment for youth who desperately need experience (even moreso for minorities) as well as low income individuals.

This is just an easy way for politicians to buy votes from people too dumb to understand how the economy works. If you want to help the poor, then look at tax credits like the EITC which don't hurt employment but still help the poor.

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