Reader: Being honest with police after being stopped for pot's worked for me -- but I'm white

Our post in which ex-judge Leonard Frieling recommended that medical marijuana patients pulled over by police keep their lips zipped spurred commenters to share their own thoughts about what to do in such a situation. Here's a post from a reader who's had good luck with honesty. But he thinks his skin tone might have helped.

Soundboybiz writes:

I have to disagree even with the judge and lawyer. I have been caught 12 or 13 times with herbs. Every single time I kept it real with the police and every single time i was set free. This was all in Memphis and once in Mississippi though and i hate to put it this way but i'm white. If i were a minority i would probably be telling a different story. I've had cops say "Hey man, I smoke at home and I don't care if you do, but you are putting me in a bad position running a red-light smoking a joint. If had a partner with me i'd have to take you jail so i wouldn't look soft on drugs." I've had them hand me my weed back and tell me to get rid of it. I've had to dump it out. I even pulled out 2 big bags at an "empty your pockets" police checkpoint entering Beale St. in Memphis. The cop looked right at it and waived me on. So for me personally the straightforward approach has never failed. But kids may not want to try this at home.

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