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Reader: Boulder idiots enable homeless criminals

Lots of readers took the opportunity to share their views about a Boulder proposal intended to stop "social misbehavior," with members of the homeless community being among the primary targets. Here's the take of a person who thinks a crackdown is more than justified, even though he hasn't always had a roof over his head.

Jay Baca writes:

ABOUT TIME! For those of you who don't have family there in College, here is what happens. They demand to use your cell phone and get violent if you say no, They follow you until you offer them something, They have raped. They have been in several violent altercations, they break into your cars. Still feeling sorry for them? We have facilities in Denver for this and this is where they migrate from. Why? Because they know Boulder is going easy on the crimes because of fools who enable it. I have volunteered with the new homeless and chronic homeless for 15 years and was also homeless myself at one time. I know the walk and the talk. Wake up!

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