Reader: Brock Osweiler Will Learn About Fickle Broncos Fans Under the Bus

After the Broncos' big win against the New England Patriots this past Sunday, plenty of folks celebrated quarterback Brock Osweiler, who led the squad to a second straight victory.

In the process, they tended to denigrate Peyton Manning, a player who deserves to be in the greatest-QB-of-all-time conversation — something that led one reader to christen complainers as NFL nutsacks.

This defense of Peyton got plenty of readers talking.

Here's an intriguing example, penned by someone who suspects that the very fans who are praising Osweiler now will turn on him the next time the Broncos lose.

Scott Cheatham writes:

The fans here are fickle...Everyone remembers the great start under Josh McDaniels and the quarterback then was Kyle Orton. The same fans shouted 'We want Jake' when Plummer came here with Arizona and they wanted Griese under the bus...Then they wanted Cutler and Plummer retired. Osweiler did well...Some of of it is his talent but a lot had to do with staying in Kubiak's system. C.J. Anderson won that game for the team. It's a team effort but too many are rushing to give Osweiler all the credit and they will be disappointed when he loses one. If Manning's healthy, it's no contest...You give the ball to the man who has the accomplishments he has. They were winning all season long with games like this. In Manning's case, people want blowouts and aren't satisfied with a win. The same game with Osweiler and they lose their minds and talk about how gritty he is... Ayyiyiyi.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.