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Reader: Broncos Fans Are So Frickin' Spoiled!

Our collection of top tweets from the Broncos' win over the Vikings this past Sunday focused on Twitter Nation's brutal criticism of Peyton Manning even though his team has won every game so far this season.

Plenty of folks picked up on this theme.

The following tweet, from a fan of a team whose quarterback is currently hurt (and lost a heartbreaking game on Sunday night), illustrates the point that Broncos loyalists should stop accentuating Manning's negatives and focus on the standings.

Here's what he had to say.

David Alan Bushong writes:
I'm a Cowboys fan and I like the Broncos. Broncos fans are so frickin' spoiled! You are 4-0 and you have a Hall of Fame QB with a great defense! Enjoy it and quit complaining. A lot of teams would love to be in the Broncos' situation.

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