Reader: Bust All Out-of-State Illegal Pot F*cks Who Mess It Up for Everyone Legal

We recently wrote about a crackdown against illegal marijuana grows in Pueblo, known as one of Colorado's most pot-friendly cities.

Since mid-March, Pueblo law enforcers say they've seized 4,600 plants and arrested 22 people, many of them from out of state. Included in that number is Warren Radosti, seen above, who was busted along with his mother and father, Doug and Stephanie Radosti.

He and Doug had been living in Florida before coming to Colorado, while Stephanie's most recent location was Tennessee.

Many of our readers cheered the raids. Here's a collection of responses, including one that expresses displeasure at people coming to Colorado from elsewhere and breaking our laws.

Brad Taylor writes:

Colorado has arguably the most liberal marijuana laws in the country.... If you can't comply, pay the price.

Sher Quintana writes:

YES! If it's illegal bust them!!

They need to be legal or go to jail!! Legal doesn't mean free for all!! Losers!!!

Tim O'Neill writes:

This illegal stuff is what is getting shipped out to other states, putting our local legal cannabis regulatory system in peril. Also, being unregulated cannabis means it can't be inspected for pesticides, etc.

Tank Atencio writes:

Good. Bust all the out of state illegal fucks! They mess it up for all us that are legal!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.