Reader: Can Denver Police Chief Robert White squelch "Send in the Clowns"?

Our post about a Denver Police Department press conference apology for giving special treatment to Representative Laura Bradford following a traffic stop featured a DPD spokesman describing the act as symbolic of new police chief Robert White's commitment to transparency. One reader hopes it's true -- and not only for the usual reasons.

Bob Smith writes:

Please Chief White, please help me; you're the only hope I have left.

Every time I hear or read anything about DPD, this one song takes over my mind, looping forever. It's driving me crazy, and I'm afraid. You may not know the song, coming from out of state; it's sung by Judy Collins, and the part I can't get rid of goes like this: "Send in the clowns...don't bother, they're here."

Please help, don't just be more hype covering the same old circus smell.

PS - having your smiley spokespiece talk about enforcing the broadest possible interpretation of the law didn't help a bit. Now I'm hearing the part about "...losing my timing this late in my career."

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