Reader: Casa Bonita is a tourist trap, and here's why

Our responses to Yahoo's list of Denver's worst tourist traps fostered an entertaining debate about the relative merits of Casa Bonita, which was ranked number one in the post. Some readers declared the South Park-approved eatery and cliff-diving mecca to be awesome, while others weren't nearly so positive. Like, for instance, this commenter.

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Cassandra Foote writes:

I'd have to agree with Casa Bonita being a tourist trap. I used to love it as a kid growing up -- never understood why my parents dreaded it. Once I went as an adult, I decided to never go back. Obviously any resident of Colorado knows how awful the food it. It's extremely dirty there and it's definitely easy to spend a lot of money there between the arcade, old time photos and all the other "goodies" you can spend money on. I agree with the Aquarium as well. Took my kids there last summer because they'd never been and I wasn't sure about what had changed since they were bought and rebranded. Way overpriced for a place you can walk through in half an hour. I'd rather go spend that kind of money at the Denver Zoo and be able to spend at least half a day there.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.