A file photo of a marijuana-grow bust in the Pike National Forest.
A file photo of a marijuana-grow bust in the Pike National Forest.
File photo

Reader: Christ, How Many People Need to Grow Weed in Colorado?

After busting an illegal marijuana grow in Routt National Forest, federal authorities justified the action by talking about the environmental damage such unregulated operations can cause.

When we shared our item on this topic, we asked readers if they felt this approach suggested a change from the days when such arrests were ballyhooed as a way to protect the citizenry from dangerous drugs — or if it simply represented another way to attack cannabis.

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The responses we received were widely varied, with some folks doubting the feds' motives and others raising ecological concerns.

The following post is an amusingly exasperated example of the latter.

Ray Koren writes:

"Attacking cannabis?" Keep your f'ng pot grow on your property, and out of our forests. Christ, how many people need to grow weed in CO?

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