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Reader: Cities With Lower Rent Than Denver Are F*cking Boring Places to Live

An open letter to angry Colorado natives from a transplant who thinks they sound dumb generated a big response from readers.

Some homegrown folks weren't happy with the author's take.

But there was plenty of agreement from others who weren't born in Colorado but who (to quote a popular bumpersticker) got here as fast as they could.

The following post is a twist on the latter theme. It suggests that transplants may have changed Denver in ways not everyone likes, but the results have made the city more interesting.

Nate Mulder writes:
I finally figured out why the natives are so pissed. Apparently, y'all had yourselves a quiet cowpoke town until just a couple years ago, when suddenly you began to join the rest of the country with high rent and lots of traffic. Find me a city with the population of Denver that has significantly lower rent, and I'll show you a really fucking boring place to live. While I get that it's a little hard on people, you really need to realize this is the norm most everywhere else and up til now you were the exceptions.

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